Anna Curtius
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There are two things I cannot get enough of:
food and creativity



Both topics bring me great joy but I imagine you’re not here for anecdotes on fine dining and how I need proper food every third hour. I hold many a title: architect, business coach, mother, artist, surfer, and I am unashamedly in love with the smell of ink and the feel of getting my hands dirty creating.

I consider myself both a dreamer and a doer, and being self-employed allows me to chase both equally. Outside of architecture, creating art and making prints is a large part of my life and a huge source of inspiration. My techniques of choice are collagraph, screenprint, Japanese woodblock printing, and linocut. By the time you are reading this, perhaps (read: definitely) I’ll have picked up another one.

To me, life is all about that dance of creativity and courage, excitement and ease, passion and patience and I am continuously inspired by trying new things.

Perfection be damned.




My hope is that my art will do for you what creating it has done for me:


Offering a moment of pause and reflection, a white space amidst everyday life, 
a connection with the eternal parts within us.